Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act

The so called "Religious Freedom Act" passed in North Carolina is nothing more than a bill giving religious people the freedom to discriminate against persons different than themselves. This is what develops out of an environment of fear and paranoia.

I am quite sure many of the citizens of North Carolina are opposed to this legislation. Not only is it embarrassing, it also dismisses the laws of our country. This bill thumbs its nose at federal laws. It's a clear picture of what government at the state level is capable of doing to the rights of its citizens.

I am encouraged by the reaction I'm seeing across the country in support of persons opposed to this bill, and of the people this bill will hurt.

"It immediately drew the ire of Mark Zuckerberg, Harvey Weinstein, Andrew Cuomo, the airlines, the White House, and those sports franchises dear to the state of North Carolina. The High Point Furniture Market, an event that draws 80,000 customers and designers per year, is considering a boycott. (Governor? Who knew there were gay people in the interior decorating industry?) PayPal, which recently announced it would open a North Carolina operations center, protested by canceling its plan, and the 400 new jobs with it. And Bruce Springsteen torpedoed his sold-out show in Greensboro."

Way to go America. We need to be sure this South does not rise again.

By Allan Gurganus
April 8, 2016


  1. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention when I went to high school, but I thought states were supposed to govern their people and the feds were supposed to protect ... I don't know. Maybe people should pay a little more attention to the ones they elect.

    1. I believe this would be a case of federal law protecting persons state law would harm. Your thinking is good Republican thinking and in a perfect world might work. This though is a case where the state has passed a law harmful to some of its citizens. Does the federal government have the right to protect those persons? Will be interesting to see what the courts have to say because this is certainly going there.

  2. This is typical of the south which has broader coverage than you might think. The problem is a people who have a perverted religious view that the "Christian" way is to judge, ostracize, demean and to try and make their views law, rather than the more virtuous Christian view of caring, loving and supporting each other, as we are all the family of man regardless of religion or lack of, race or gender preferences.

  3. I have friends in NC and they are not amused. Good on those standing up.