Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Mix of Things

The view from my patio.

Isn't snow supposed to melt? This morning I made an attempt to order groceries from Safeway's Home Delivery Service. Not going to happen. Their schedule is booked solid. We are out of a lot of things but not yet to the point of going hungry. May try takeout delivery if we're unable to get out in the next couple of days.  Bob had an appointment with the cardiologist this morning that we rescheduled for February. Enough already!

I've been reading like crazy these past few days. It's no secret there are many things I admire about President Obama. One is his appreciation for reading. Here's the link to a fascinating article: President Obama on What Books Mean to Him. I encourage you to read it.

Another interesting article is from The New Yorker: The Music Donald Trump Cannot Hear. The recommendation for this one actually came from a conservative journalist.

I found the closing paragraph powerful:

There's no point in studying history if we do not take some lesson from it. The best way to be sure that 2017 is not 1934 is to act as though it were. We must learn and relearn that age's necessary lessons: that meek submission is the most short-sighted of policies, that waiting for the other, more vulnerable group to protest first will only increase the isolation of us all. We must refuse to think that if we play nice and don't make trouble, our group won't be harmed. Calm but consistent opposition shared by a broad front of committed and constitutionally-minded protesters--it's easy to say, fiendishly hard to do, and necessary to accomplish if we are to save the beautiful music of American democracy."
From what I'm reading the email inboxes of Congress are full. That is apparently not the best way to register your opinion. Phone calls, even if you have to wait, and letters are more effective. We must make our voices heard.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Protest Marches

I'm the first to admit I know nothing about protest marches from first hand experience, but this seems to be the season for them. Marches go on all the time in Washington. Portland, Oregon is a city that loves to protest so I could march anytime a cause strikes my fancy but so far that hasn't happened.

This week seems to be shaping up to have a lot of protest marches around the country, and in Washington. There will be a large women's protest march in Washington and in many cities around the country this week. Immigrants are marching and there are civil rights marches. During the 60s there were many Vietnam War protest marches. There's a long history of protest marches for Civil Rights.

The year was 1917 when 12 women silently sparked a protest that would later contribute to granting women the right to vote, a protest that included the first picket line to ever take place at the White House. Over 500 women were arrested between 1917 and 1919 for picketing across the nation.

On January 9, 1918 President Wilson publicly claimed support for the suffrage movement - pushing Congress to grant women the right to vote.

My question is, how do you feel about protest marches today? Do you think they're effective? Are they more likely to affect the opinion of the White House or Congress?

Has violence always been a part of protest marches? After the election the first night of the protest march in Portland was peaceful. By the second night troublemakers arrived and there was violence. Is it possible to have peaceful protests anymore?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nostalgic Me

I have no idea when I became addicted to politics, seems like it's just always been there. I was taught those elected to office were elected to serve, with their first priority being for the good of the country and it's citizens. That was then and this is now.

I'm a real sucker for pomp and circumstance. Makes me feel proud to be an American when I watch it. I love all things related to the White House and all the history represented in that building.

These days though I'm keeping my focus on the Democrats. I'll let the Republicans take care of the inauguration and what comes afterward. Have to say I'd much rather be a Democrat today than a Republican. I'll gladly take the Democrats' problems over what the Republicans are facing. I listened to President Obama's farewell speech but to me it was no farewell speech, it was the first speech of a new commitment. 

I've been reading and watching what's going on with Democrats lately and am greatly encouraged. I've even come so far I can say this election might well have been just what the Democratic Party needed, a good jolt. 

I've settled down about Supreme Court appointments. It takes 60 votes to confirm a new judge which means the Republicans are going to have a hell of a time appointing a strong right wing judge. They don't have 60 senators for a party line vote.

Voting apathy is a huge problem in America, and Democrats biggest weakness. Whatever you think of Barack Obama the young people who worked with him are committed and loyal. They are beginning to give up their day jobs and come back together to join him in rebuilding the Party. He has said that after he takes Michelle on a nice vacation and gets his head around his writing projects he'll be ready to get to work on the future of the Party.

I smiled this week when I read this article about former staffers coming together to start a new media company. Jon Favreau was Obama's chief speechwriter for about eight years. These young people were severely shaken by the election and have banded together to save the Party. They're renewing their contacts across the country.

Obama has asked former attorney general Eric Holder and some others to take on the issue of gerrymandering and redistricting. The NYT had a good article about that issue. 

I just need to keep my eye on these happenings and block out a lot of the unpleasantness of the days to come.

The first amendment gives the president-elect freedom of speech. It also gives me the freedom not to listen to his speech. Until such time as it becomes apparent he has developed respect for the office he holds I'll be off listening to other voices. I have too much respect for the office of President, and too much self-respect, to listen to the vile things that some out of his mouth. He may not respect me but I respect myself enough not to subject myself to that behavior.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It Snowed

It actually happened, the snow really came. We don't get a lot of snow so it's newsworthy when it happens.  It began to fall about bedtime last night and fell all night.

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. I don't know how to measure snow but I'd say about six inches.

Son rode the train into Portland and texted to say he's made it.

This is how Bob is spending the day. He's either at the patio door or the front door. His newspaper wasn't delivered today which is a very big deal to him. He's made many trips out front looking for it. The rest of the time he stands at the patio door.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Someone Please Take Him

Living with Bob when the weather is bad is like living with a 3 year old wanting to go out to make a snowman. I'm looking for someone to come and play with him because he's getting on my last nerve. I enjoy staying inside on bad weather days but not him.  The forecast is for 1-4 inches of snow for tomorrow. He is climbing the walls.

It's pouring rain today. Because a broken hip or pneumonia are two things I fear the most I insisted he wear a hat. He hates hats. I dug out the least feminine knit hat I could find and had him put it on but you can see he was not pleased.

First he decided he absolutely had to pick up a package at the office. It was delivered on Saturday so there was no rush to get it but according to him it needed to be collected. Because it was raining pretty hard he drove to the office and returned with a huge box. True to Amazon, the item was not all that large but the box was huge. That made him decide we needed to get that box to the trash and out of our way before "bad weather sets in." I was not impressed with that idea.

Then he decided we needed gas in the car and wanted me to drive to get it. I knew we had half a tank and would not be going anywhere so my first answer was 'no.' Bob is 84, and an old 84. I began thinking about my father and knew Bob was thinking exactly like him. I got my coat and we took off. Back home he kissed me and thanked me and then said exactly what I knew he would say. "I feel better now. I don't like to not have a full tank of gas with bad weather coming in case we need to get out on the road for an emergency."

I remained quiet but wanted to say "Are you crazy? Neither one of us will be driving if the weather is bad. That's what ambulances are for." Anyway that's done now, we scratched that itch.

Of course the big box had to be delivered to the trash on our way to get gas.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Southern Food

We've had a little snow and Bob has been climbing the walls to get out in it. Had to use the broken hip threat to keep him in the house. That settled he turned to cooking.

Buttermilk Pie

He used my mother's recipe for Buttermilk Pie, using up the buttermilk left over from Christmas. I have no idea what the expiration date was on the buttermilk, he never worries about such details. I believe this fits the category of Southern cooking.

Cornbread & Cabbage

Bob's favorite meal is cornbread and cabbage. That's about as Southern as you can get. I don't like cabbage in any form and I hate how it smells up the house when you cook the real stuff. Some time ago we found a small section in our Walmart grocery that carried 'Southern Seasoned' vegetables. He tried the cabbage and loved it. I was happy because it didn't stick up the house. Then Walmart no longer carried it. 

I don't like yellow cornmeal and do not like a sweet taste to cornbread. I'm addicted to Martha White's White Cornbread Mix. For a while Daughter brought it to us from Texas until we found we could get it at Walmart. Then they stopped carrying it.

These days I order cabbage and cornbread mix from Amazon.  I'm a Prime member so I do not pay postage.  The cost of the cornbread mix is about $1 a packet but the cabbage is pricey, about $3 a can. What can I say, we're happy. It's a first world problem.

Zucchini & Pasta

This morning Bob was squirreling around in the kitchen and decided to cook some pasta. When later he said he'd put zucchini with it I could not imagine so I went to see what he'd done. I was surprised to learn we had a can of Del Monte 'zucchini in Italian seasoned tomato sauce.' It made a very tasty dish. Wonder which one of us bought that can of zucchini? Must not have been me.

He's sure it would have been better if it'd been elbow macaroni rather than bow tie, I don't think so. We're both thinking of a dish my mother used to make using elbow macaroni mixed with canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, and bacon drippings.  I hated it, Bob loved it. He wanted this dish to taste like that, I did not.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I wear athletic shoes every day because I'm more secure on my feet. I really do not want to fall. Apparently there's a lot of older women wearing them for the same reason.

I also wear them because that's about all I can find for casual shoes since I wear size 13 AAA.

I knit a lot of socks, and I think hand knit socks look dreadful with athletic shoes.  This means my sock drawer if full of nice hand knit socks I no longer wear.

I'm always on the lookout for solid colors but I'm seldom successful. These navy ones trimmed in pink are fun unless all your pants are black. I only have a choice of maybe two brands so I pretty much have to take what I can find.

My favorite casual shoe is Keds but they have absolutely no arch support and I've not had much success adding support.

It's a bummer, but actually doesn't even register on the life scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst. It's an annoyance, a gravel in my shoe, that sort of thing.