Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Shoes, Issa, Paul, and Blooming Socks


Old husband has never liked new shoes. He much prefers shoes someone else has broken in. He also prefers his shoes not touch his feet, but rather just hang on his feet.  Once he locks into a favorite pair it is quite a battle to introduce another pair.
Recently Daughter took him shoe shopping for some Skechers which he really likes. 
He insisted on a size 13 wide. He has them tied loose enough he can step into them, and there's about an inch of space between his heel and the back of the shoe.

His radar is not as sharp as it once was so he spends a lot of time walking on my feet! When I see him coming I begin tucking my feet under my chair, otherwise he just walks right up on my feet. I'm thinking I may need to invest in a playpen for me. Perhaps that would keep him off my feet.

I can think of no one in the House of Representatives I dislike as much as Darrell Issa. I've already promised myself I will donate to the campaign of anybody who opposes him in 2018.
Darrell Issa (R-CA)
Now he's up and done something I support. Is it enough to change my mind, no?
Rand Paul (R-KY)

I've always considered Senator Paul to be a loose cannon in the Senate. He always bounces off the wall you least expect. In my opinion, this man does not serve us well.

I finished the 50% mohair socks. I love knitting hand spun yarns but I don't often get the chance with sock yarn. I don't spin, and most hand spun yarns do not contain nylon, and often are too thick for socks.

I soaked these for a bit in a Eucalan wash, squeezed them out good, patted them out to shape on the bathroom counter and threw them over the shower rod to dry. It's amazing what that does for hand spun yarn. The Eucalan softens the toughest of yarns. The blocking process causes the yarn to 'bloom' and fill in the space between stitches, and the mohair added a little halo. Makes my heart sing to block hand spun yarn.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hurry Hurry, Boehner, and Tipsy Yarn


As I write this on Thursday afternoon Old Husband is anxious about the car. They will send a driver for us in the morning around 10:00 a.m. I usually get up about 8:00 a.m. I knew I was going to get the lecture, I just knew it. So it began, "You need to get a move on in the morning. You need to get dressed as soon as you get up. When do you think you're going to be ready? We need to get that car because we have to pick Caleb up at 11:00 a.m. Did you hear me?" 

In the first place I dress every single morning as soon as my feet touch the floor. I have no need for a robe. By 8:10 a.m. I'll be dressed. He should know this, it happens every day.

I also pointed out to him the car is not in our possession. We have to wait to be picked up and trust me they will not be sitting outside our door at 8:00 a.m. Hurry, hurry, hurry is the name of the game for Old Husband. He needs to get it done so he can get in his recliner and sleep the rest of the day. 


I miss John Boehner


I finished one sock today and just might finish the other before bedtime, depending on how Old Husband behaves.

I was amused when I ran across this yarn today. It's from an indie dyer here in Portland, OR. She called her business adventure (it is no more) Tipsy Sheep Yarn Co. "three sheeps to the wind since 2013" is also on the label. She labeled this yarn "Socktails" (fingering), and on the back of the label is a cocktail recipe! How cool is that? Is it a good idea to drink and knit? I've heard some reports of pretty big messes made while drinking and knitting. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Old Husband and Another Time

I have decided I'll have three sections to future blog posts, Life, Politics, and Knitting. You can pick the section that appeals to you and ignore the rest.

I have identified three of my readers that also knit socks. Thats pretty amazing. I feel justified now to add a knitting section. I have about that many who are passionate about politics. Most all of us either have, or have had, old husbands, or perhaps know someone who had one.

The role of caregiver never gets easier. As soon as you learn one thing, something else replaces it, once you settle a problem there's always another one under that one, it just never stops. For years I thought that I'd eventually be prepared the next time I had to take Old Husband to the ER but that never happened. Every time is different.

Some things I've resisted learning. Many times I've gotten the learning process wrong. Almost always I should have taken charge before I did, but I hate taking away his independence. Such was the case with car repairs.

Some things are harder for Old Husband to release than others. Last week we had the car in for repair but Old Husband was doing the talking. He was still in charge. It had to go in the next day for the actual repair which did not excite me but it had to be done.

The appointment was at 10:00 a.m. As I was opening my eyes at 8:00 a.m. who should appear beside my bed but Old Husband, all dressed, coat on, and ready to go. He informed me he could handle the task, that I should relax, and stay at home. Me, relax with him on the road, not. 

It's seven miles to his destination and anybody should be able to drive that short distance, right? Wrong. Once I saw he was going regardless of what I said, I made him tell me exactly how he would be going. 

By 8:30 he was out the door, and I was left to figure what had happened. He called when he got there to let me know he's arrived safely. Because he was free, and had gotten by me, he then went to Costco to buy gas, and called me from KFC where he was buying hot wings! He was having a good time.
That day's repair did not correct another problem so today we were repeating the process. I packed my activity bag. Note the socks I'm knitting, the knitting coloring book, and colored pencils. This time I decided I would do the talking. I met "Bill" who was very nice. Imagine my surprise when he told me he tried last week to talk to Old Husband about the car running rough but he'd said it was okay, he just wanted the light on the dashboard fixed.

That's Old Husband, he only fixes one thing at a time. I had a nice visit with Bill. He had a driver bring us home. He called this afternoon to tell me what needed to be done and said they'd send a car for us when the repairs are finished.

Now that I have Bill I think I can handle this car repair stuff. Still I feel like I've been through a battle, it was stressful. The stress of caregiving is often worse that the actual work of it.

A few days ago I realized I was unusually frayed. Some of that I blame on politics, but when I begin to think about packing Old Husband's clothes and leaving him on someone else's porch I know it's time for me to re-evaluate.

I'd much rather do politics than deal with Old Husband, I'd much rather knit socks than deal with Old Husband, BUT he is my top priority. I'm trying to dial back the politics. Knitting actually relieves stress. I need to remind myself often he isn't having a fun time growing old. Patience Linda, patience.

Interesting to read some former Obama administration legal colleagues have formed a group to help protect democratic norms. United to Protect Democracy


I hope to finish these socks today or tomorrow. It's about time, I purchased the yarn in 2015 from Green Mountain Spinnery. It's 50% Wool and 50% Mohair. I knew I had to have this yarn when I read the mohair was from my home state of Texas.

It's nice yarn, but I would not buy it again for socks, even though it was advertised as sock yarn at the time I purchased it. I had two or three false starts before I was happy with the needle size and gauge.

I decided I'd better do some notes as I have another skein of this and will not want to reinvent the wheel when it comes time to use it. I also hope this notebook will keep me focused as I tend to have many pairs of socks on the needles.
I do not enjoy playing yarn chicken but I am with this pair. If I run short I will knit the toes from the coordinating beige yarn. Remember I wear a size 13 shoe.

Clara Parkes has this to say about mohair in sock yarns. "At 10-20 percent mohair is an excellent natural strengthening alternative to nylon, and it adds a stunning silklike shine." It is my opinion that 50% is too much.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Old Husband, Car Repairs and The Round Up

Wow!! I feel super encouraged to continue blogging. Perhaps I'm not as strange as I thought. Thanks for all the comments.

Old Husband and I have not been playing well together here in 'Harmony Cottage.' Car repairs is the subject of discord this time. I do not like to drive. I want nothing to do with cars. I view them as a necessary evil that sucks my money.

I waited as long as I could before taking over the driving because with that also came the responsibility of car maintenance. Old Husband's way was always to drive until it quit running, then fix only what you absolutely had to to get it running again, and see how long it would be before it stopped again. He always used a neighbor/shade tree mechanic for repairs. 

That's not my way. Because I know next to nothing about cars I want everything repaired. This means we lock horns over car repairs. The time has come when I have to do something. I decided it would be good if Son took the car and Old Husband in to the dealership to learn exactly what needs attention. I think you probably should have the spark plugs replaced more than once every 13 years but maybe not. I asked Old Husband to make an appointment for Saturday to get a diagnosis.  He made it for in the morning.

We'll set off from 'Harmony Cottage' by 8:30, though our appointment isn't until 10:00, because he likes to be early. I'll be stuck in a little waiting room while he sits, stands, walks around, whispers loud enough for all to hear, and asks repeatedly how much longer it will be. 

Our car is old. We're old. It has low milage and seldom needs repairs. He wants a new car but that's not going to happen. I'm only hoping to make this car last as long as he does, then I'll make every effort to figure out a living arrangement that will not require a car.
I warned you I would not be able to remain quiet about politics if it involved civil rights, human rights, voting rights, religious freedom or separation of church and state. Well, it appears the round up of illegal immigrants is about to begin. I have no doubt some need to be deported but I've seldom seen it work out that those are the only ones who actually get deported. The wider they cast the net the bigger the pain is going to be. 

I recognize this issue is a campaign promise of President Trump. I just wish he, and his, weren't so happy about it. It's not something anyone should take delight in doing.

Being a native Texan I'm quite familiar with how a significant population of Texans feel about Mexican immigrants. Today I read an article that makes me cringe.

I think the thing that puzzles me most about these people is they see no correlation between their Christian faith and their political views on this issue. That troubles me.
I'm a native Texan but these things hurt my heart and make me know I would be miserable living there again. My heart goes out to our daughter who lives there because of her work. It's no longer the Texas that was my home for 62 years.

I'm pretty sure I prefer the immigrants to the natives.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nobody Loves Me

I should not be blogging. I apparently do not have the same interests as most blog readers. I've never figured out what causes readers to visit a blog and comment.

I've tried the following subjects: 
Old Husbands
Digital Devices

People are sick of politics. Aren't we all? Okay, I'll try to give it a rest but I won't guarantee how long that will last. Civil rights, human rights, voters rights, religious freedom, and separation of church and state are my passions. I probably won't be able to remain quiet on those subjects.

This subject never took off. I guess more people don't knit than do knit. Who wants to read about knitting if you don't knit?

Besides that, I seldom knit anything but socks. Even fewer people knit socks. I'm passionate about socks and could look at sock photos all day. See how long it takes you to get bored with sock photos.

That's enough, you get my point.
I have a lot of pictures of dead ancestors. Some are buried under rocks, some in cemeteries, some died it jails, they're quite a group. I've never found anybody else's family as interesting as my own. I've never found it to be a subject that draws readers or comments.
Old Husbands
I lost a reader over this one. She wanted me to stop blogging about my old husband. Said everybody has problems and I needed to stop complaining.  So much for the subject of old husbands.
Digital Devices
That's no longer a blockbuster. Everybody has them. Yes, I'm as addicted as everybody else but there's nothing new to write about on that subject.
My day to day life is pretty boring. I stay home and take care of an old husband. I'm even bored with my life why would other people find it interesting?

I don't blog as a way of journaling. I never go back and read past posts. There must be a reason I do this but darned if I know why.

Why do you blog?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Ice Boxes to Refrigerators

Remember Ice Boxes?
My uncle was the ice man in our little town. He delivered ice to homes all over town for years. In time word came that something new was coming that would put him out of work, electric refrigerators that could make ice. That time came. He had to lock up the ice house and move to another town to find another kind of work.

Today we're moving from a product society to a technology society. People in jobs producing products are losing their jobs. They're angry.
Love This Woman

Pussy Hats

I made a pussy hat.
I enjoyed making it more than Bob enjoyed modeling it.

Today I read a blog post about a woman's efforts to knit one.
Roll on, Pink River, Roll On!

"Priorities USA , the main political action committee behind Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, is rolling out a series of digital ads in an early attempt to target potentially vulnerable members of the GOP ahead of the 2018 midterms elections."
Remember Them?

It seems so long ago.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Mix of Items

I enjoy finding new blogs to read. Reading Judy's blog I learned about a blog called 

Important Information

The House Freedom Caucus is a group you need to be aware of, that also bears watching. This group is the rightest of the right, Tea Party right. They contributed greatly to bringing down Speaker John  Boehner. Speaker Paul Ryan is the result of that tempest in a teapot.

I'd suggest you click the link above and scroll down to the list of members. See if any are in your state, and use your time, money, and any resources available to you, to defeat these people in 2018.

Keep in Mind

When you listen to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speak, remember he is married to one of President Trump's cabinet appointees. Elaine Chao is the new Secretary of Transportation. As far as I know she's a good appointment, BUT, what impact will this situation have on Leader McConnell being fair and impartial about the Trump administration?

Take a look at this group. They're organizing Town Halls to get the message out to Congress they oppose repealing the Affordable Care Act.  If your congress person has opted out of a Town Hall meeting while Congress is on vacation, you are encouraged to organize one yourself in your community and invite your Congress Person to attend. Some groups are doing that and using a life size cardboard figure of their missing Congress person. They're making pictures and will be posting on social media.

I don't know about you but I'm concerned reporters and journalists may soon, if not already, be risking their lives when they cover a Trump event.

Today a Trump rally is planned for Florida. He's feeling the need to bring his supporters back together to feel the love he felt from them during the campaign.

The event is apparently to be paid out of his campaign funds. First President I've known to continue campaigning once the campaign is over.

These events may be even more volatile now than they were before the election.
On Twitter

"Republican leaders in Congress bear the most responsibility for protecting the nation from Trump & Russia." Evan McMullin (2/17/17