Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Sunday, March 20, 2016

What's This About?

It was a surprise yesterday when I opened the door and found this pot of blooming daffodils on the mat.  

A card accompanied the posies.  Immediately suspicion kicked in. Why would the apartment complex be delivering flowers to my door?  I looked around to see if other apartments also had flowers on their doormats but no, only at our door.

I'm thinking there's a motive behind this.  What could it be? I'm suspicious it may be related to a controversial parking system they're implementing April 1.  

Were we the first to pick up our parking badges for this program? Perhaps they're just happy I've picked ours up and will stop complaining. I'm not vain enough to think ours is the only apartment that will be receiving flowers.  My thinking is this is an effort to make this bitter parking pill go down a little better.

I made enough noise that they accommodated our special need so I suppose I have no complaints, but I still think the new system is stupid and will ultimately fail.

There once was a time when I would have suffered in silence but that was before I learned the power of online reviews. People are always eager to write a bad review when they're unhappy, but not so likely to write a good review if they're happy.  

I make it a practice to regularly write reviews, mostly good reviews, but not always.  I ask for maintenance and receive quick service that takes care of the problem I write a good review naming the employee. This helps me get good service the next time I make a request.

The parking review was not good but it was respectful.  I spoke my peace and could then go ahead with what I knew I ultimately had to do, conform to the system.  There are rules in life you know.

This morning I wrote a good review about finding spring flowers at my door.  Time will tell if flowers will be enough to smooth the residents ruffled feathers over the new parking system.


  1. Well, it looks like you got a good review in return!

  2. It pays to 'make nice' all the way around. Pretty!

  3. I would not be suspicious at all and just enjoy. Someone is trying to be welcoming.