Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Guns & Anger

We don't get a lot of snow so this little bit was welcome.  Our son took this photo in downtown Portland over the week-end.

This morning President Obama announced some executive actions he is taking to hopefully reduce gun violence in this country given Congress lack of action.  I support any effort to try to bring common sense to this issue.  I hope his efforts help.

I'm appalled by how vile this issue became once politics arrived on the scene.

I also know there's only one thing that will make a significant difference, personal responsibility.  To see real progress each person much stop and think before they speak words of anger  or enter such language on social media.  A person hanging onto the edge of the world by their fingernails may hear or read that angry language and be prompted to commit unspeakable acts.

We must encourage personal responsibility.

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  1. Yes, absolutely! I am proud of our president and support him in this cause, but the real fix must come in the civility of our society.