Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fear In My Town

Today I read in The Oregonian the Crescent Islamic Montessori School's board of directors recently voted to remove a vinyl banner announcing the school was "now enrolling" and a six foot sign fixed to the front of the building.  Each contained a logo of a yellow crescent moon above a blue dome and a single word that sparked concern from parents: "Islamic."

This happened shortly after the shootings  in San Bernardino.  Parents began voicing concern for the safety of their children.  Would such a sign invite a backlash?

Frankly I was stunned.  How could that be?  This is a progressive thinking area of the country.

I understand that I would not be able to put up a sign advertising a Christian school in an Islamic controlled country.  I get that.  However, America is not controlled by religion.  America offers freedom of religion.

Next I wondered what I would do if I were younger and had a child I wanted to enroll in a Montessori school?  Would I enroll my child in this school where they would learn Arabic and time would be taken for Islamic prayers?  Likely not.

What if I were Baptist, would I enroll my child in a Catholic school to be exposed to Catholic instruction?  If I were Catholic would I enroll my child in a Baptist school knowing the child would be required to attend chapel services?  Likely not.

I'll take care of my child's faith instruction.  That's too important to leave to others.  I would prefer there be no religion affiliated schools for children in their formative years.  That should be done by parents.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. That doesn't mean I'm not sad these parents in my community felt it necessary to remove the sign bearing a religious symbol and the word Islamic from their school.


  1. I still don't get why these signs (of anyone's) are frowned upon. People could read and ignore just as easily as a sign offering Sunshine bread, but they don't. PC has really gotten out of hand.

    Parental outrage hasn't changed much, just the subject of their outrage. There is always something. I think I would just as soon know what the school taught, as long as it IS parochial. I would prefer the signs just as a parent would like to know if their child would be expected to learn about creationism, or what the stages of the cross are.

    I believe it's human nature to fear the unknown. I would base MY thoughts on learning about what I fear, not griping about it. A lot of people wouldn't bother, it's easier to join the mob. (Remember the race riots?)

  2. Sorry that had to happen. I wasn't aware Montessori schools were religion based. Private schools have the right to put that sign up as long as they don't accept tax dollars. I'm a big believer in separating church and state.

  3. While I understand why some people want parochial schools, I am a firm believer in free public schools. That is the institution that has created our melting pot of a nation. Celebrate your differences at church. Come together for your neighborhood school.

  4. I agree. I'm open minded but I do think there should be a separation of church and school/state. However, I will defend anyone's right to send their child to a Church school.