Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Friday, January 29, 2016

Constant Companion

Meet my constant companion.  I've never experienced an addiction quite like this one.  It's profound.

Oddly I seldom ever use it as a phone (I hate phones). If it rang I wouldn't know how to answer it. I use it occasionally to call home to check on Bob, and I have to think about it when I do that.

I have the iPhone 6 which has a bigger screen.  Absolutely love it.  Highly recommend it.

1)  The camera is great and easy to use.

2). I use the Blogger app to post to my blog.  The only thing I haven't found a way to do is attach a link.  If I need to use a link I write my post on my phone and use the desktop computer to add the link. 

3). Read books using the Kindle app.

4). Listen to books using the Audible app.

5).  Listen to library audible books using the OverDrive app.

6). Do banking through my bank's app.

7). Facebook.

8). Twitter.

9). Instagram.

10) Read blogs.

11) Variety of news apps.

12) Jigsaw Puzzle app.

13) WordSearch app.

14) Simplenote app where I keep all our medical information, medical history, list of surgeries, list of prescription and OTC drugs, and the names and phone numbers of all the doctors we see. Very handy for medical appointments.

15) Pages app that allows me to do word processing.  I wrote two letters just the other day.  Don't write a lot of letters anymore.

16) Pinterest 

17) Email 

18) YouTube app

19) Podcasts app

20) Text, I'm in love with texting.

21) NASA TV app

22) Calculator

23) Glucose Recorder app for tracking my glucose counts.

24) MyFitnessPal app for tracking calories and carbs.

25) Garden app for identifying flowers, plants and butterflies. I learned about this app from Kay at Musings.

26) Panda app for music

27) TuneIn app for radio

I do not use it for my calendar.  I'm hanging on to my paper calendar.

I also have a mini iPad that I use some but not a lot.

I'd like to know what you use on your phone that I have not listed.  I'm always looking for new apps.


  1. Wow, your are fixed for apps, and are smart to get the biggest bang for your bucks. Well done. I have a 'quilt calculator' app which I seldom use...the ole brain can still do those calculations faster than my finger can swipe.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  2. I use my phone for texting all the time. One of my friends insisted I sync the mobile with bluetooth in my car so I can hands-free use the phone while traveling. She is the only one who ever calls me actually. Usually the ringing scares me and makes me jump--surely no safer than holding the phone.
    You are ahead of me in terms of apps used, I do use duolingo to practice French phrases.

  3. The mind boggles - I have a little old flip phone, I don't text, I only answer it IF it rings and IF it's handy. Sorry to say - I wouldn't know the first thing about apps. Everyone tells me 'how easy' and 'how convenient' they are. I was born a little to late methinks, it's all a little too confusing and I am to a point where I simply don't want to have to learn another new thing.

  4. I'm an iPad user. I LOVE my iPad and have several apps on it. My iPhone? Not so much, but I definitely admire you for all the versatility you get from yours. Amazing!

  5. Gee, like S.J. I only make calls on mine and mine is even older than a flip phone. We have no service here so they are mostly ornamental and used for emergencies while on the road.

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  7. Mine is an iPhone 4S. Two apps I enjoy are MyRadar and a police scanner app my son bought as a gift for me. Once I recover from the aftereffects of a hacking problem through my cell phone carrier account, I do plan to upgrade - but maybe not with that carrier. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  8. Not nearly as much as you use yours. I send text messages, email, take photos to post on Facebook, check email, use Google maps for navigating, Google for information especially when away from home. I hardly ever have a voice conversation on it. Mine is an iPhone 5 and I like the small size for carrying around, but not for reading for extended periods of time. For posting blogs I use my home desk top, or my small lap top when traveling. I have a kindle Paper white for reading. But like you, I am addicted to my phone and other tech tools.

  9. The only app I have that you don't use is Instagram. I enjoy the pictures to pass time. I have a lot of store apps in case I need a coupon while I am in the store, but I really don't shop much and usually do a lot of research before I buy something so may be wasted space. My daughter drug me into the electronic age and I really am glad she did, but I am not spending another fortune on a phone - at least I don't think I will.

  10. I text, talk, Facebook, emails, read blogs - as I am doing now on my mini iPad - but I have not blogged on it! I'll have to look into the blogger app!
    You do an amazing amount of things on your phone! I have an iPhone 6 too!