Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Daily Living

Life is pretty slow these days for the Hillins.  Oddly enough I'm finding that the more free time I have the more protective I am of it.

Both of us are morning people. For years the routine was coffee & the morning paper but these days the paper is only delivered about four days a week.  Bob still enjoys the puzzles.  I've taken a pass on the paper and seldom look at it anymore.

My first stop of the morning is Twitter.  I don't tweet but do find it a good way to learn about interesting articles without having to subscribe to a variety of newspapers and magazines.  This morning I saw it was time for a David Brooks column, The Brutalism of Ted Cruz.

Also used a link on Twitter to listen to Jon Favreau describe what it takes to write a SOTU address.  Jon is a former speech writer to President Obama and wrote five of these addresses.  That was a fun tidbit.

Another link was to Huffington Post to read How Obama Came To Hate The State Of The Union Address

Then it was on to Facebook to read a National Review article Listening to Four Republican Candidates.

From there it was on to Instagram and checking my email.

I text both our children every morning so they know we're up and moving.

I made a phone call to Bob's half sister in Texas who lost her husband about two weeks ago.  Figured it was easier for me to take care of that than it would be to nag Bob into making that call.

Received a phone call from another sister-in-law in Texas.  That took some time, she's grieving the loss of Bob's twin brother and she wanted to discuss health issues.

That took most of my morning.  I'm much sharper in the mornings so I jealously guard that time.  I turn to mush by 6:00 p.m.  


  1. I thought the David Brooks editorial was very good. I just linked it to Facebook after seeing him being interviewed after the SOTUS. Ugh.
    I get the New York Times Opinion section via email each weekday. I get a lot of links from Facebook too, but I don't do Twitter or Instagram. I do read the paper at lunch time - check the headlines, skim through all the sections, read a few articles and some editorials, and work several of the puzzles.
    Thanks for sharing your morning.

  2. I'm gung-ho in the morning. I hit the ground running and there's no holding me back...until afternoon approaches. I gradually start fading out, and by late afternoon I, too, am "mush." If I want to accomplish anything on a given day, I'm wise to do it in the morning. Thank you for think links in this post. I've read the Ted Cruz piece and now better understand why I find him so repulsive. I've also read the piece about the writing of the SOTU addresses. Interesting. President Obama is an excellent speaker. I always enjoy listening to him. I think I'll tackle one more of the links you provided. Oh, and a magazine we 've subscribed to this past year and enjoy a lot is The Week. Are you familiar with it?