Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Aging Eyes

When I was about six years old both my parents came home wearing new glasses.  I was impressed and made wearing glasses one of my life goals.

By the time I reached forty wearing glasses was no longer one of my goals in life but they began printing paper items in smaller fonts and I was forced to take a look at non-prescription reading glasses. I loved them.  I had them in many colors and in every room in the house.  I could push them up into my hair when not in use.

Then things got serious, no more reading glasses, it was trifocals time.  For the next thirty or so years I wore those, and they were not nearly as fun as wearing reading glasses.

Eventually aging eyes caught up with me and it was time for cataract surgery.  I learned if I paid the $1,000 Medicare would not pay on a lens to correct my astigmatism I could almost certainly go back to non-prescription reading glasses.  I was excited.

I had myself a good time at the $1 store in those early days after surgery.

Then I became more selective.  I like the very narrow ones. I was no longer shopping at the $1 store.

Then it was on to some online shopping.

The difference these days is I can no longer remember where I laid my glasses and my hair's now too thin to hold them if I push them on top my head.  I lost a pair I'd stuck in a vest pocket.  I've now ordered this item to wear when I leave the house that will hopefully keep my glasses safe when not on my face.

I've also realized it's too much effort to keep up with multiple pairs of glasses.  Most of these are now relaxing in a drawer waiting for the opportunity to be passed on to someone else having cataract surgery.
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  1. I have worn glasses since I got out of college. For a long time now I have worn bifocals. I have an eye exam scheduled for later this month to see how much my eyes have changed and the status of the cataracts. I considered having lasik surgery once, but found out I would still need reading glasses. I figured that would be more bother than just wearing glasses all of the time.

  2. I've worn glasses since fifth grade, except for a brief stint with contacts when I was about 40. I thought I'd look better with contacts, but they didn't help a bit. I've had one cataract removed and it's about time for the second one. Lions Clubs collect unused glasses to donate to those in need. Our local pharmacy has a Lions Club collection box.

  3. I need to have the cataract surgery and I'm a little scared. I'm afraid it is in my very near future. LOL. No guts, no glory .... or sight, as the case may be.