Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Divinity is my favorite Christmas candy.  When I was younger I used to make it. Daughter is a good candy maker and decided to try her hand at divinity this year.

I shared all the tips I knew, and perhaps an old wives tale.  You know the one, that you can't make divinity if it's raining.

A storm was rolling in that day but it had not yet begun to rain when she made this batch.

I'd say she has reason to be proud of her first attempt.

She's promised to bring some when she comes for Christmas.  I hope her second attempt turns out well, I always found divinity tricky to make.


  1. Hi Linda - thanks for stopping by my blog!
    You may have inspired me with all these pictures of divinity. I haven't had it for years, but as I recall, it was, well. . .divine.

  2. I just read recently of someone asking "Does anyone make divinity anymore?" I guss the answer is 'Yes"! Yum.