Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Empty Nest and 'What about that committee?'

Empty Nest

I knew our babies would not be long for the nest when I made this photo.

It happened this morning and I'm so happy we were able to witness the event. There were four of them but it seemed like a dozen. They were all over the patio at once plus mother. No way could I get a picture. We certainly enjoyed watching that nest. I guess we're now suffering empty nest syndrome.
What about that committee?

Republicans have to do a lot to shock me these days but I have to admit this one was a shock. The Senate committee appointed to write the 'new' healthcare bill is 13 white men, not a single woman. Republican men seem to focus on the female anatomy anytime they get the chance. I suppose women on the committee might make that a little awkward. 

People Watching

While the House was busy this week passing their repeal of Obamacare I was busy people watching.

Mainly I was watching this man, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-SC). Meadows is chair this year of the House Freedom Caucus.

Meadows is especially eager to see the repeal of Obamacare. You see his district is 91% white. He is a land developer. He was instrumental in the failure of Speaker Paul Ryan's attempt to pass a repeal bill, saying he wanted to help the president with a better one. He leads about 40 ultra conservatives in the House that most of the time vote no on everything. This latest attempt was a success because he had the votes of the Freedom Caucus.

He was one of the leaders in causing Speaker Boehner to resign. He voted to shut down the government in 20113.

People watching isn't always accurate but I'm thinking there's a good chance Speaker Ryan sold his soul to the devil with that last repeal vote. It seems to me the tail (Meadows) is now wagging the dog (Ryan). I'm going to keep my eyes open, and my ear to the ground in the coming months. Mr. Ryan I wouldn't get too comfortable in that speaker's chair if I were you.
2017 Congressional Directory

My copy of the Congressional Directory finally arrived. I've enjoyed looking through it, making notes, and marking information.

2018 Election

33 Senate seats will be up for election.
   23 Democrats
     2 Independents
     8 Republicans

Democrats have a challenge for 2018.

House Seats = 435
   237 Republicans
   193 Democrats
       5 Vacancies

Democrats will need to win 24 additional seats in 2018 to win the House.


  1. The fledging of the baby birds was a treat to witness. Not so much the Republicans. We progressives have our work cut out for us in 2018.

    1. The fledging of these birds was such wonderful entertainment for us. I'd love to have the opportunity to do that again. You have to wonder how Ted Cruz scored a seat on that healthcare bill committee. The make up of the committee makes me think it's going to be very fractious.

  2. Baby birds are so much fun to watch. I'll bet you'll get a chance next year, too, if you don't change the nest area too much next fall from what the mom liked.

    I've really missed your take on politics. Those Freedom Caucus guys got to go. My representative is one of them, too.

    1. I think it would be a very bad situation for a member of the Freedom Caucus to become Speaker of the House. They seriously want to rid the federal government of every program that has anything to do with helping people. They firmly believe it should be every man for himself.

  3. Empty nest is a great comparison for many of us. It sounds like these were robins.

    1. Many parents today would like to experience empty nest syndrome but can't get their children out of the nest. Our birds were Juncos, tiny bird, tiny nest.

  4. It is funny when the nest empties and suddenly all these fledglings fly noisily about. Know what you mean, it seems like there couldn't have been all of them in one little nest. I can only hope my state changes color in the mid-terms. Meantime, eyes and emails are ready.

    1. Happy about the French election today. Encouraging to know think all the world is not going to hell in a hand basket. We've got to keep holding on.

  5. Your blog is for the birds! ;-) Enjoyed the bird news and photos. Thanks for the info about the leader of the Freedom Caucus -- he sounds like a real winner. Can't imagine how anyone from that group with their numbers could become majority or minority House leader. Hope some inroads can be made for those 8 seats in 2018. Will be good practice for 2020.

  6. Baby birds are so much fun to watch. I'll bet you'll get a chance next year, too, if you don't change the nest area too much next fall from what the mom liked.


  7. I'm glad the fledglings made it off safely.
    As for the congressional seats... I'm going to start biting my nails.

  8. This is a really good idea that you have going on.