Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Monday, April 11, 2016


Joyce Carpati

On the Advanced Style blog they gave 5 Secrets to Vitality With Joyce Carpati.

1. "I believe in getting my blood flowing first thing in the morning and I am off to the gym for a 1 hour class of TAI CHI."
(Right there is a deal breaker for me.  I'm not going to anybody's gym before breakfast.)

2. "I then have my favorite breakfast of Vitality--, Grapefruit, a large bowl of OATMEAL with coconut milk and my largest mug of decaf coffee."
(How about yogurt with frozen blueberries and leaded coffee?)

3. "Pick up my newspapers and read them through. I prefer the real thing, no internet news for me."
(Why is newspaper news real and internet news not real?)

4. "I try to NEVER waste a day.  I plan every day to meet a friend and do something of interest.  I am off to the Frick today.  A wonderful show of Van Dyck."
(Well excuse me, oh that we all had this option. My day depends on what I need to do for Bob and he isn't always interesting.)

5. "Then I pursue my hobby.  I SING, SING, SING. Find an interest you can love. Dance, take a film course, have you tried your hand at painting?  There is so much to give you vitality and pleasure in life.  Ladies, WAKE UP, DO IT, You will be happier, more interesting and very happy with yourself."
(I've never been able to sing, dance or paint. Knitting socks just doesn't seem the same.)

Her picture looks like these 5 secrets have served her well.  She does appear to have vitality. If this is the recipe for vitality I'm in trouble.

All teasing aside, I hope all of us seek in our own way to remain vital.  What do you do to maintain vitality?


  1. I guess I am in more trouble than I thought. I do good getting dressed after I get out of bed!

    She is one funny lady!

  2. I think her vital steps make good sense but I think they boil down to living with purpose. The purpose being to take care of your mind and body so they will be in good shape to the end.

  3. Your post made me laugh! Sounds too perfect to be true. I can't imagine life without some caffeine! I do enjoy being physically active, but work it around my other commitments that I have.

  4. She leads a charmed life. I don't. I do, however, try to keep myself active. (Ken isn't always interesting either. Neither am I. Tough break.)

  5. Well, If I lived in a city townhouse with no garden, and someone to come in a cook and clean, I might have to find more things to do. But I don't and I run out of time every day. So I'm good.

  6. Goodness, she sure is regimented and is three years older than me. Impressive. Don't have quite her options but think if I eat reasonably, move, and stretch my mind just a wee bit, I'm good.