Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Friday, April 22, 2016

Always Decisions

Yesterday I got my teeth cleaned. The dentist talked to me about some cosmetic options (expensive) for my ugly front teeth. I told him if they were free I still would not be interested. The teeth I have work and that's all that matters to me. I'm having a hard enough time deciding whether to paint my toenails for summer, why would I want to take on teeth decisions? I think he thought I was weird.

That's the space I'm in these days. We haven't had a pet in two years and I would so love to have one. I go back and forth about a cat or a dog. Today I was at our son's home and two of their cats got in my lap. I left covered in cat hair. There will definitely not be a cat in my future. That decision is made.

Having no pets has made housekeeping enormously easy. Do I really want to take on the responsibilities and decisions of pet ownership again? I'm still basking in the wonders of a house with no pet hair to contend with. Nice, easy, why complicate my life? I'll just love the neighbor's dog.

I don't get worked up over clothes anymore. I have to have some from time to time but not many. Just more decisions I can live without. Having to stay so close to home I don't need a lot of variety. Clothes can only do so much for this body, after all I have these ugly front teeth, and my toenails aren't polished.

Hair, I go for easy.  Please let me never have to live through another permanent or fry my hair again with a curling iron. A hair dryer and brush is the way to go.

I don't own a dress, skirt, slip, hose or dress shoes.  Nice, real nice.

We have no social life. We visit a lot of doctors' offices and sometimes the hospital emergency room. We seem to speak frequently with medical personnel.  Since we've only lived here a few years there are no long time friends. Our son and his family live here. We have only one grandchild, a 14 year old grandson. He usually spends one day a week with us.

We have a daughter living in Texas.  She's a nurse and very attached to her dad so she flies up about every six weeks to spend some time with us and check on him.  That's very nice. We look forward to her visits.

My focus for this time in my life is Bob and his care. Most of the time I'm pretty content but I do think I may have to take a day trip to the coast one day soon or lose my mind. That doesn't happen often but I've been working on that one for a while.

I'm addicted to digital devices. They're my contact with the outside world. How did caregivers survive before they were available?

Our days together are quiet. Most days are good. I'm okay with this time in my life. I seem to have reached a time when material things are not as important as they were when I was young.

Moving to Oregon from Texas was a very good decision. We have a nice place to live, plenty to eat and enough money not to feel pinched. I'd say my life is good these days.


  1. Wise woman - don't let them mess with your teeth if they work - Dentists see vacations - not your teeth. Yep, you've slipped into the 'satisfied with life' groove, age be hanged.
    I wash & fold my clothes and put them in a pile, always taking fresh from the top - most things haven't seen the light of day in over a year.
    Your social life IS going to the doctors. I have no social life, because I avoid them like the plague.
    Neighbor dogs are nice, but they don't cuddle up when you need a 'Warm Fuzzy.'

  2. I identify with so much in this post---the bad front tooth that seems silly to mess with, the caregiver wardrobe, the caregiver life style in general before my husband died. I especially agree about devices being life-lines to the outside world for caregiver's. I started blogging during my caregiver days and I don't think I would have stayed sane if I hadn't discovered that community.

    I don't, however, think I could ever live without a dog in the house. Mine doesn't shed so no hair to deal with but every other time I get a hair cut, do does he.

    1. What breed is your dog? Our last dog shed, heavily, year round. We want to get a puppy soon, but the thought of wading in shed hair depresses me.

  3. I'm realizing more each day that possessions can be confining. I'm enjoying parting with stuff, and I'm definitely buying less and less.

    1. I believe Jean R may have a schnauzer.

    2. I do have a schnauzer. We had poodles most of my life and they don't shed either. But you do have to get them cut also.

  4. I can identify with much in this post also. Ugly teeth, for sure. I have thought about cosmetic work, but it is so expensive and I would end up with teeth that are not mine or real. isn't that just borrowing trouble?
    Fortunately I am not house bound, but my social life pretty much can be accommodated with my casual jeans and tee shirt wardrobe. I don't own dresses or skirts either, and cannot wear dress shoes even if i wanted too.

  5. I know exactly how you feel. Decision making and responsibility are just not my favorites right now. It is enough for me to decide which plant store to go to and which plants to buy. Anything else can wait.

  6. My dentist and I are on a maintenance plan. We are just trying to keep what I have. My goodness they really are expensive.
    Other people's dogs are the best. No fuss, no walking in the rain, no vet bills. Win/win.
    Do you ever wonder why cats don't go bald or at least have comb overs with all the shedding they do?

  7. We are critter free and I have to admit I am relieved! I haven't said anything publicly yet but we left our cat down at the ranch months ago and she is loving it! She kept peeing on things and in a small camper, well, that just wouldn't do! So I put her outside and she didn't want back in! My stepson feeds her and enjoys having a cat now! She had all her claws so I guess the country was a better place for her than my camper or my house!
    Now for the news about Lucy......
    I loved Lucy but she was getting worse about barking at Louis Dean and it was driving both of us crazy! The last straw was when she peed in the den - in the same spot - FOUR times! LD took her to a no kill shelter and the man assured him she could be placed with another family. At least that's what Louis Dean told me. I just wasn't up to a crazy dog who loves LD but would bark frantically whenever he stood up! Or a cat you had to watch like a hawk or shed peed on the bottom of curtains, rugs, even your clothes if you left them on the floor! I told my husband I don't want anything that has to be fed or watered - not even a houseplant! So what happens? I get joint custody of my mother AND a few baby possums decide to visit from time to time! However, I don't have dog and cat hair to deal with anymore!!