Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Monday, March 7, 2016


I've often heard it said that opposites attract.  If that's true Bob and I are the perfect couple.  I don't remember noticing 53 years ago that we thought differently.  I must have been blinded by love. How did this happen?

The only thing I can think of that we both like is Frosted Cheerios. That's not much in 53 years.

He likes to eat at Dairy Queen, I don't.
He watches TV,  I don't.
He likes new cars, I don't.
I read books, he doesn't
I'm always hot, he's always cold.
I like highly seasoned food, he likes bland.
I like to travel, he doesn't.
I like politics and current events, he doesn't.
He likes to talk about the past,  I don't.
I like pets, he doesn't..
I like to shop at Safeway, he likes to shop at FredMeyer.
I like cheese, he doesn't.
He likes Costco, I don't.
He like football, I don't.
He enjoys grocery shopping, I don't.

But over these 53 years we've grown accustomed to each other's faces, learned to work with our differences, and decided we'll stick together to the finish.

Finished another pair of socks.  Regia yarn is very popular now.


  1. Does he like your socks? :-)
    I'd say 53 years is an investment worth retaining stock in. Tom and I are alike in many ways. That works too.

  2. Nice socks!
    Hmm, I think DH and I agree on more things than not. I think everyone is different.

  3. Love those Regia socks! I need a new skein of Regia, actually, and will look for it the next time I'm at my favorite yarn shop. I think Ken and I are compatible in most ways. I don't particularly find his obsession with antique autos interesting, but then, he doesn't take much interest in my knitting. He's also more gregarious than I.

  4. 53 years! I would say something is definitely working--maybe something to do with you are both free to be exactly who you are while making your marriage work.

  5. Think Olga has a possible answer. You don't demand that the other become a clone. I mean how boring if you agreed on everything.