Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You May Be Rich

Occasionally I'm directed to a blog where I find something interesting. I hope you'll take a little time now and read What Does It Mean to Be Rich?

I felt so fortunate after reading it I relaxed the grip I had on some dollars and purchased myself a new Mac laptop just because I could.

I found this statement interesting, "The great wealth divide seems to be not between the billionaires and the rest of us but between those who have retirement savings and those who do not."

I'm troubled by the number of retired people having financial struggles. I had no idea the percentages were that high and I have no idea how to fix their situation.

I urge you to read the highlighted link and think about it.


  1. Kinda' pressed for time, again, so I just skimmed part of the article.
    I used to dream about being rich, but now I realize how fortunate I am to just have what I need, and no longer have to work for it! Yes, a comfortable retirement and old age is truly a blessing.

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  3. Ugh! Short term memory loss is sometimes really short term, lol! What I was saying - our financial advisor is counting on my getting s.s. spousal check when DH retires early. I almost bet that won't happen. We are comfortable now, but one catastrophic illness and we could be wiped out. Nothing is written in stone about any of it.

  4. It never occurred to me either that we could be considered rich because we are comfortable in our retirement. A lot has to do with the fact that we started saving and skimping from the time we were married. We also have pensions that keep us comfortable and we do watch our pennies. Thank goodness! You've made me feel rich even though we're not.

    1. Uh oh... S.J. Qualls is right. We could still be one catastrophic illness away from being destitute.

  5. So far I am good with no struggles at all but it wouldn't take a whole lot to sink me. Guess I am one of the unprepared.