Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Friday, April 15, 2016

Politicians and Sexuality

For a very long time we've heard the rumor that men think about sex about every seven seconds. Snopes debunks that rumor but I'm convinced men politicians think about it far more than they should.

I'm  just amazed how focused conservative male politicians are on women's bodies. Now trust me, liberal men no doubt do the same, but there's a difference. The world expects liberals to do sex, but not conservatives.

It's possible male conservatives are on guilt trips placed on them by the Christian Evangelicals in their midst. Everyone knows Evangelical Christians are pure in heart, and liberals are not.

President Jimmy Carter is an Evangelical Christian and encountered serious fallout when he gave an interview to Playboy magazine, admitting he had "committed adultery in my heart many times." We all know how uptight Jimmy was. Perhaps a little sex with a Playboy Bunny would have loosened him up, and the country been better for it.

Then of course we have Bill.  Bill's a Baptist and Baptists do not believe in falling from grace. Once your name is written in the Book of Life it's there to stay. God loves you no matter how often you mess up.  No doubt Bill tested the patience of God.

While the conservatives were busy impeaching Bill they had their own funny stuff going on.  There was Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich having an affair while he was actively going after Bill.
Once he fell from power there was Robert Livingston who had to step back from the speakership over an affair and that's how we got the honorable Dennis Hastert as Speaker of the House.

Recently we saw Senator David Vitter lose his race for governor of Louisiana over the "D.C. Madam" scandal.

Remember presidential candidate John Edwards who succumbed to thinking he was right up there with God? That led him to think with the wrong part of his anatomy and he went down in a blaze of disgrace.

Let's not forget Senator Larry Craig who played footsie in a public restroom and found himself under arrest for lewd conduct.

Now we have all these radically right politicians at the state level passing Religious Freedom bills in states throughout the South giving religious people the freedom to discriminate against those different than themselves.

Enough I say. Stop thinking about sex. Do the work you were elected to do and keep your zippers zipped.


  1. Nicely summarized Linda! I had forgotten about some of these scandals. What annoys me is the hypocrisy of the right-wingers. Quick to judge and defame, until it happens in their own back yard!

  2. One of your very best posts, and all of them are excellent. Hypocrisy on the right abounds!

  3. We have a national preoccupation with sex, and at the same time a puritanical revulsion with sexual activity. Evangelical Christianity exemplifies this perfectly.
    We'd all be better off to just mind our own business when it comes to activity between consenting adults.

  4. Well put. I had forgotten some of those scandals. Think I voted for Jimmy for that statement. He admitted humanity but knew how to keep it in his heart.