Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Am Mad

Texas is my home state and I'm more than a little mad, it's complicated. I want the people in the flooded areas to receive federal aid, but I am livid with the hypocrisy of the politicians there.

The last two governors have allowed talk of Texas succeeding from the Union when they know that is never going to happen.  It's like a toddler holding its breath in a temper tantrum. They scream and rail against the federal government, then hold their hand out for money. Gov. Abbott is famous for declaring he'll sue the federal government. It's embarrassing.

Now it seems Gov. Abbott has declared nine Texas counties as disaster areas in order to receive  federal aid due to flooding.

Barry Goldwater believed states should not take federal aid if they were capable of dealing with a crisis at the state level.  I'd say Texas should be able to do that. Then why is this good bombastic Republican Governor asking for federal relief? He should be setting the example for other Republican governors.

I haven't read Texas history lately but I believe the last time Texas went rogue it didn't work out too well for them. If Gov. Abbott knows he's going to be asking the federal government for help I'd like him to stop criticizing until such time as Texas succeeds from the Union or his lawsuit against the federal government is successful.

I saw this on Twitter regarding Senator Ted Cruz's charm offensive.

Senator Al Franken said "He seems to be having some trouble with the charm but he's got the offensive down cold."


  1. Your anger is justified (and I love Al Franken's statement).

  2. It does seem hypocritical to ask for federal aid on one hand but encourage the succession talk with the other.

    Al Franken is great.

  3. I'm tired and when I'm tired, I don't think as clearly as I should. That said - I don't think there should be any federal disaster money. I believe it should be done on a state level - a take care of one's own sort of thing. We're talking about Texas this time - shouldn't the state have been doing something about the flooding problem? Houses out of flood plains, better culverts etc.? Why should everyone have to pay for disasters, hundreds of miles away, when they have major problems and they can't get help because it's not bad enough? How often have I seen Texas in the news for bad, disastrous flooding in the past few years?
    I could add, but you get the drift. I think the feds should come in if - oh, say, we are invaded by little green men.

  4. It's not the help, it's the hypocrisy.
    I'd say Texas is a good state to be FROM!