Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Feeling Like A Fire Hydrant

"Sometimes I feel like a fire hydrant looking at a pack of dogs."
~Bill Clinton

I'm feeling like a fire hydrant this political season and I have yet to figure out how to avoid the pack of dogs. People have gone nuts.

I feel like I should make some effort to be a voice of sanity, but how?  Currently I have unfollowed almost all our Texas family on Facebook. That's the pits. It's either that or put up with the unimaginable awful things they post.

Most of them are what I've always referred to as Texas Rednecks. They liked that term. Until now it was a term we used when we were teasing, a term used with affection, at least in our family. The Tea Party people have ruined that, now I think of mean spirited, radicalized people, when I hear that term.

I'm reluctant to post an opinion on Facebook for fear I'll be peed on by my radicalized family. How did this happen?

Are you having any problems like this? Do you have any ideas for how we can bring this country back to some sense of sanity?


  1. I have a sister who is a Trumpeteer so I understand. Sis and I just stay away from politics.

  2. After some rather intense exchanges on FB the last few days, my sister and I have agreed not to discuss politics. For some reason she had thought we could, but did it by trolling my FB page and either scolding me or joining in on the attack. So we have put a stop to it.
    My brother unfriended me after I informed him that the stuff he was posting was fabricated and that made him a spreader of lies. The truth hurt, I guess.
    Anyway, yes, I know the problem, but it has not stopped me from sharing editorials anyway. I find that very few people take the time to actually read anything that is thoughtful, well written, and longer than a paragraph.

  3. I agree and I think all of this speaks VOLUMES for people really as much as the candidates. It's so obvious how divided we are as a people. But how we got that way I don't know. I read that rednecks and racists like Trump, the young people like Bernie, the far right religious nuts like Cruz and a lot of women and African Americans like Hillary. But it's the meanness and vileness that seems to be erupting. It's like so much as been boiling under the surface for so long and it's not been addressed and it's turned into hatred. A very sad state of affairs indeed. Contributing factors I believe are fear of change, fear of terrorism, lack of education especially of other cultures that share this planet, fear of non Christian religions, as they might undermine or at least question beliefs and fear of becoming a minority in an ever changing world. In essence it's fear that transcends into hatred. I don't see it getting better.

  4. Mary, Linda, and Patti have said it well. Fortunately, my closer sister and I agree on the ca dilates; my older sister and I don't discuss the upcoming election.

  5. The one think that I can hope for with the push for Trump is that when he is destroyed or mocked to death by those of us with a brain in our head....well, one can hope that he not only takes the Tea Party down with him but the Republican party as well.