Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thinning Hair

I would have sworn I used to have thick hair but no more.  Today I read a blog post that made me laugh out loud.  I want you to stop now and read Of tramp tats and haircuts on the Aging Gracefully My Ass blog.

I have to say her haircut experience ended much better than mine.  I recently had a similar experience that did not end so well.

These days hair is a subject I avoid if at all possible.  It's never a happy subject and it's getting less happy by the day.  I have very straight limp hair but when I had more of it I could perm, curl, or tease it to lift it a bit.  These days it's as worn out as I am and no longer takes a stand.

I went about six weeks ago for a haircut.  I usually get one monthly.  A young male, full of body piercings and tattoos, was my lucky draw for the day.  Though he was nice enough it was obvious cutting this old woman's hair ranked just above cleaning toilets with him.

I went through my song and dance about the cowlicks in the crown, cautioning him not to cut that area too short as I did not want to look like Alfalfa.  Too late I realized he was too young to know anything about Alfalfa.  Perhaps he thought I was talking about weed.

Last week when I got my hair cut again it had been five weeks and the hair in the crown of my head was still not long enough to cut, "don't touch that hair" I said to the new person cutting my hair.

I did not think it was possible for me to get a bad haircut on this awful hair but it happened.

Have you noticed your hair thinning as you age?


  1. I got to the same person each time, every five weeks. I have my hair cut short, and even with the same cutter, there can be differences from haircut to haircut.
    I got a compliment on my hairstyle recently, from an older woman. She wanted to know where I got it cut. When I told her it was a beauty shop in old Burien, she said, "I live in Burien". So I told her to just go in and ask for a haircut like a boy. That's how I describe my style.

  2. Yes, I have thinning hair and a cowlick, too!
    Growing old gracefully is not as easy as you would think! Louis Dean had a pic of me on his computer screen today from a few years ago and I said, "Look at YOUNG I was!"
    Someday I'll look back on the photos of today and probably think the same thing! THIS is as good as it gets!

  3. I cut my own hair so the cowlick is my own fault. I did go a hairdresser last year or maybe the year before that and he told me I should take Biotin for my thinning hair. I had hair constantly falling off my head. Anyway, it seems to be working although it might very well be psychosomatic or whatever you call it. I asked my nurse practitioner if it was OK for me to take it and she said it's probably not hurting me so what the heck.

  4. Yup, thinning hair here, too, especially front. My hairdresser has a shop just down the road from me, and she is excellent. She's in her mid-fifties, which helps. Glad I don't have to deal with pierced and tattooed whipper-snappers. Anyway, despite seeing that my hair is thinning, my hairdresser assures me I still have plenty of it. I have very thick hair, and back when I had perms, my then hairdresser Marvin, who wasn't Marvin if he wasn't complaining about something at each appointment, used to fuss that giving me perms took way too long because of my thick hair. I take Biotin, too. I don't know if it has helped my hair, but it has definitely strengthened my nails.

  5. So far I haven't noticed my hair thinning much. I read the story from the Ageing Gracefully blog. It was funny....and so was your experience with the hairdresser! :) I do get tired of people (doctors, dentist, hairdressers, etc.) assuming "at your age, what difference does it make. Two years ago I found a new doctor. She was young, attractive, and seemed to care about me, but during my second visit she made the comment that I probably had ten more years. I was 71. I'm hoping for thirty more years! I went back to my old doctor...who thinks I am very young for my age. :)

  6. I take Biotin, it's doubtful that it works, but maybe I would be so much worse if I didn't take it. I shed worse than the dogs and my 'pony tail' is about as thick as a pencil, whereas it used to be about the diameter of a fifty cent piece. My doctor told me I must have inherited male pattern baldness ... Bless him.

    When I used to go to have my hair cut, it was like the 'stylist' [and I us this term loosely] saw me come in and thought to herself, "I'll give her cut #4, no matter what she says."

    I used to use a Flowbee, but the blades are dull and I can hardly hold it up anymore. It did cut it all the same length. Sigh ...

  7. This was a fun but true post. Oh yes, I have gone from thick hair to thinning and also have one of those cowlicks at the crown that I am always warning them about. Sigh. I do perm and it really does help with allusions.

  8. I have a friend who has always had thin straight hair. She swears by Vietnamese hair cutters. She says many of them have this type of hair so they know how to cut it. You might ask around and see if there are any Vietnamese hair cutters in your area. It would be worth a try.