Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Friday, March 4, 2016

Shoe Sadness

Have you noticed a change in your shoe size as you've aged? Shoes have always been problematic for me since the day my mother bought my first pair of high tops.  I still have a tiny pair of arch supports from that event.

The story does not get better.  Probably because finding shoes that fit was such a problem they became like 'forbidden fruit.'  I totally understand Eve's thinking there in the Garden of Eden. 

I became a real shoe queen, Imelda Marcos had nothing on me. I well remember the first time I paid $200 for a pair of shoes, probably thirty years ago.

Do you still wear heels?  I cut that out along about the time I bought that $200 pair of shoes.  Nevertheless, I wore nice low heeled shoes to work.

I've often thought if I could just be Pope I could have me some Italian red slippers made just for me.

As long as I was working I did pretty well finding shoes.  Granted there was only one shoe store where I could find my size but they carried wonderful (expensive) shoes.  Then I retired and the bottom fell out.

I quickly learned casual shoes are not made to fit people like me.  It's like hunting hair on a frog to find a pair of casual shoes in my size
My situation is getting pretty desperate.  Yesterday I found these online and thought about them all night.  I could hardly wait to get to the computer this morning to order me some pewter shoes. Yippee, not.  My size is 13 AAAA and the other woman in the world with that size foot beat me to the one pair that was produced.  I was heart sick.

I do not have arthritis, bunions, corns, hammertoes or any of the foot problems I see so many people dealing with, mine are just too long and skinny.

What is your experience with shoes and aging?


  1. I always had a short, wide foot so I had a bit of trouble myself. I'm glad I do not have to buy work shoes anymore. Like you, heels are history around here. However, I still have to invest time, and sometimes money, in finding comfortable, supportive casual shoes.

  2. My daughter has your problem, just not quite as bad as a 13!
    I have a serious bunion on my right foot that allows me to only wear wide, comfort shoes. I have metatarsal arch problems and wear arch supports to prevent a recurrence of plantar fasciitis, which I struggled with for many years. I cannot go barefoot or wear non-supportive shoes. I have not worm anything with a heel for many years.

    1. I had a bout of plantar fasciitis a few years ago. Really painful. Then I went to China for a few weeks, had regular massages, which are mainly foot massages in China, and the plantar fasciitis was gone. Hasn't been back since.

  3. Except for when they are swollen with edema, my feet are the same size 7-7 1/2 W [depending on style and mfg.] they were in the days I was barefoot and pregnant.

    Only problem I have with shoes now are the styles, so ugly!

  4. I think my feet might be a little bigger. I used to be 6.5. Now, depending on the company, it could be 7. I NEVER wear heels. I'm always worried about spraining my ankles.

  5. I have gained a whole size since my glamour years. Fortunately now days, I am strictly into comfort. I have a skinny foot also but not quite so many A's. Goodness.

  6. Aren't feet a problem! Bet there was nobody who loved high heel shoes with a little ankle strap more than I did. But it's been years now since I wore a pair. Yep, that knot on the side of my big toe is the biggest problem...is that a bunion?

  7. I wore a 7M for years. Then I went up to 7 1/2 and, when the pointy toe was fashionable, I suffered in those 7 1/2's but was too proud to consider an 8.Man, I'd stand on my feet all day in my classroom and my feet would be screaming. The minute I got home and walked though the doorway, off came those miserable shoes. Now that side, rounded toes on shoes are acceptable, I wear a 7 1/2 comfortably. High heels, though, I now avoid like the plague.