Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Aches and Pains

Do you suffer more aches and pains than when you were younger? I seem to keep an assortment of things that aren't serious but very annoying.  Recently it's been my shoulder, it's very painful.

What really annoys me is knowing when to seek medical care. Past experience tells me if I live long enough this pain will go away.  In the meantime it's quite uncomfortable.

I could pay a visit to the medical world but I'm too frugal.  It's not my money being spent, but rather Medicare and my insurance company's dollars.  Nevertheless, I do not want to be a bad steward of medical care dollars.

If I pay a visit to my doctor, besides an office visit, there will no doubt be a charge for an x-ray that will almost certainly reveal nothing. At that point I will likely be referred for either a scan of some kind or perhaps referred to a specialist. It's unlikely anything will show up there either.  By the time I get in to see a specialist or get the scan the pain may be gone and I'll feel like a fool.

There was a time when doctors freely prescribed muscle relaxers and pain relievers but no more, you have to have a limb hanging by a thread to get either one these days.

Remember the tried and true Naproxen muscle relaxer?  I've taken a boat load of it when it was a prescription.  Now it's over the counter and doctors run backwards up a tree at the thought of a patient taking it.  Same thing with Ibuprofen.

I've never been a fan of Ben-Gay or any of those rub on remedies but I do like heat.  Yesterday I found a sale on these aromatherapy critters.  Pop them in the microwave and then snuggle up with one on my aching shoulder.  Feels good, sometimes helps, but a good dose of muscle relaxers would help even more.  

I wrote in an earlier post about the ghost that visits our kitchen from time to time. I wish I could catch that rascal.  Last night it was the freezer  door.  Wonder what the purpose was for airing out the freezer compartment?

What is your remedy for aches and pains?


  1. I'm full of aches and pains. Little visits from the Pain Fairy when I'm least expecting it. I rarely go to the doctor about it because I can't stand sitting and waiting. When I'm willing to pay the waiting price, then I know I really need attention.

  2. Of course Tom and I have aches and pains. We are in our seventies and active. Pain happens. We use naproxen or ibuprofen for moderate pain. Tom sometimes gets flair ups of bersitus and if it prevents him from sleeping well, he goes to see the doctor. Last time it was his hip. A simple exercise and a posture adjustment made the pain go away fast. Sometimes it is worth it to get medical advice.

  3. Oh, yes, we get more aches and pains these days. My stiff, achy knees have been helped by Osteo Biflex. I had plantar fasciitis in my left foot ten years ago. Last week I bragged that I hadn't had a recurrence of it since then, and whamo, this week it's back. I go to the doctor only as a last resort, such as when a limb is hanging by a thread!

  4. Pain seems like a regular companion these days. The sad part about going the doctor is what specialist will end up fixing me?
    Anymore doctors can't seem to see outside of their own area of expertise. Sigh. I tend to look for a simple, non medical cure with the help of Dr. Google. Doesn't always help but it makes me feel useful:))

  5. Have had good results when my sweet husband rubs my achy shoulders with eucalyptus and spearmint oil. I have used it on hip and knees off and on forover 5 or 6 years as needed. Purchased it at bath & body works but today my massage therapist used a similar and less expensive oil she found at (a place I don't usually shop) w+=mart. It is not invasive, addictive, needs no prescription or doctors visit, and is affordable.

  6. I know what you mean! We ache all over at times! I love all the smelly remedies! Ben Gay, Vicks, and such! My feet are my biggest complaint these days but I am going to a doctor next month that my daughter, Summer, told me about. I have bad arthritis in my feet and have joint replacements in both my big toes. I'm really hoping he can help me!

  7. I am forever suffering from bursitis and tendinitis. I just try to keep moving it and being as flexible as I can. We're rather liking Salonpas and heat.