Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Occupation

I refuse to use pictures and names that would give further publicity to the militants' occupation of the federal Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building near Burns, OR.  I only know what I've read in our local paper, 'The Oregonian,' which I think I can condense into three paragraphs.

There was an incident that triggered a protest march, a peaceful, positive, American thing to do in such a situation. That march was made up of local citizens and some militants from around the country.

The outside militants of course were not satisfied with only a march and went on to occupy the federal building.  They have refused to leave until ranchers, farmers and other private land owners have gotten full control of the tens of thousands of acres of federally protected lands.

It appears the militants failed to do their homework before leaving their homes in other states.  This land cannot be given 'back' because it was never owned by the state of Oregon.  These lands were part of the agreement the United States offered Oregan when it became a state in 1859.  You can't give 'back' something you never owned.

Of course none of this matters to the militants, they're seeking trouble not truth.


  1. Linda, thanks for letting me know about your blog!
    I have tried to get a handle on this situation in Harney County too. Your summation sounds right. I have read about the re-imprisonment of the Hammonds, and that does sound worthy of protest. The rest is just crap.

  2. SO glad to see you blogging again. You always provide food for thought. Thank you for your take on the militants situation. It has had me baffled, and I have yet to read comments by anyone who supports it.