Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Bit Of A Chat

In retirement I find week-ends insufferably long.

I have two subjects I'm passionate about, politics and medicine. Today I passed some time keeping up with the caucus in Nevada, and the primary in South Carolina. 

Have you noticed how slick they've made it this time to make political donations? Wow, it's cool. I'm almost afraid to open an email anymore for fear it means I just donated to somebody's campaign.

Have to say I've never been one that made a lot of donations, partly because it always seemed like a lot of trouble.  Not anymore.  Are you getting emails wanting you to sign your name for a cause?  Be careful, that's only the first step, next they want you to contribute $3 or perhaps $5.  Now who puts $3 on a credit card or bank card? Not me. Of course they will gladly accept more. Sneaky. I made one donation and word spread faster than rabbits hatching.  Now I'm using the delete key a lot.

I don't watch TV but I keep up through other means using my iPhone.  I find I don't get as emotionally involved if I don't see faces or hear voices.  I need that distance.  It doesn't take much TV to put me on emotional overload.

I'll close with an LBJ quote:

"If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read: 'President Can't Swim.'


  1. LOVE the LBJ quotation! Love it. So true. Yup, I've made the mistake of signing my name for a cause, or two, or three. Gradually learning my lesson.

  2. I learned my lesson. Opting out, in some cases, added 'fuel' to their desperation.