Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Too Much

It's Christmas Eve morning and the coffee pot quits.  While those around me move into a state of emergency I'm remembering an earlier time when I warned Mr. Fixer-Upper we should get a new one as ours was, like us, perking awfully slow.  I was ignored.

Daughter is visiting so she's quick to begin a search on her iPad to find the nearest source of a new one.  Quickly she learns KEURIG coffee makers are apparently a popular gift this season.  The model we normally buy is sold out in stores all around us.  Only the more expensive models are available.  Soon she and Mr. Fixer-Upper are out the door to purchase a new one.

Soon I receive a phone call telling me black is sold out and would I prefer red or pearl.  This is an impressive piece of equipment but do we need all those bells and whistles?  I think not.

I'm thinking we could have avoided the extra expense, and a lot of effort, if Mr. Fixer-Upper-Upper had listened to me that day in November when I mentioned it was time to buy a new coffee maker.


  1. Hi Linda...missed you and your blog. So glad to see you back. And yes, why is it that those guys just never listen?

  2. Isn't it great to have a safe place to say 'I told you so"!
    Next time, don't ask. Just tell.